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Nursery 1

 Emmitt is as sweet as he is handsome. He throws some really beautiful babies and a lot of color. 
  It's not bad enough that they ( from left to right: Marlee, Starr, Emmitt, and Darla) take over the duel recliner, but trying to find out who has the remote control is almost impossible. Who came up with Animal Planet anyway?
The face of an angel!
A heart of gold.
Cocoa Pebbles smile can soften the hardest of hearts.
Just look at that face.
Now that's beautiful right there. The personality is even better.
Some may think Layla is a Momma's girl. I say nah-nah, DADDY'S Lil Girl is always ready to play ball with her loving father.
Lil Sexy Lexi wants to ask you a favor.
She says please don't hate her because she's beautiful.
Don't let the grin fool you.
Monkey is as smart as they come and can catch a ball better than most of the Braves.
Haley... A Life Taken Way Too Soon!!!
11/17/2005 - 11/17/2008
Darla Monroe is trying to keep a low profile and hidden from the camera's of the Paparazzi.
Daisy does not want you to confuse her with her twin sister Layla, and wants everyone to know that SHE was the pick of the litter.
Abby Elizabeth, was named by (and after) our daughters high school softball coach.
Naughty Lil Nikki
was one of the Greatest Babies I have ever seen. She will be missed.
3/13/2008 - 5/30/13
Starr as an adult, is one of the most beautiful Shih-Tzu's
that I have ever seen.
Our lil special baby Wilfred. He was born with a clef lip and the odds were long... but he beat them.
Kenzie has big shoes to fill... but will stake her claim as the newest Lil Cowboy Cheerleader.
Dakota Blue was a very special baby, and was my very first male.
We Truly Miss Him.

Rainmaker is one of the happiest go lucky souls that I have had the privilege to meet.
Don't let his small size fool you, Romo has the heart of a Champion.
Rosie's heart is as big as the wet kisses she gives.
Lil Sadie May has stole our hearts with her act of kindness to Nikki's Puppies after Nikki's passing.
Margo is as loyal and true... and loves to play more than any baby I have ever seen.
Josie Ain't No Pussycat, but she loves to play with them.
Zsa Zsa is a Daddy's Girl.
Make No Mistake, Ming is the Sheriff of this house.
Just because her mother is the Sheriff, Mini Ming is a Peace Lover and would NEVER hurt a fly.
Autumn is as Fiery as the red hair of hers. She loves to stir up a big batch of trouble.
There is one in every batch, and Sonny is the class clown in this bunch.
Her name says it all...
McDowell's Mamma Mia
is always where my wife goes.
Our baby, Mustang Sally is always looking for fun.
McDowell's Lil Lady Bug is going to get the party started.