My family and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. We love animals, and just adore the Shih-Tzu Breed. When this began, we had no intention of getting into the breeding business. However, everywhere we would take our babies, people would compliment us on their behavior and ask us where they could get one. That got us to thinking... "Why should we not share the joy we have with anyone that wants one?"

Our puppies come from a loving home. The majority of our dogs have championship pedigrees and wonderful temperaments. I think anyone would be proud to own the quality of puppy that we breed. I also think you will be impressed with the amount of love, joy, and loyalty you will get from one of our little furballs.

At this time, we have eighteen furballs running around our home. Sommer and Dakota (the black and silver male and the brindle grizzle female in their wedding attire on our home page) are retired. I will not breed one of my babies past their fifth birthday. This is not about money to me. My first priority is the health of my babies. Spaying and neutering helps cut down on the risk of some types of cancer. That is my biggest priority, their health. Also, when my babies are retired, I do not find them homes. This is, and always will be their home. They are my children. I love them with all of my heart and could never part with any of them. I will do my very best to help you find a baby, just not one of my retired adults. If I don't have puppies at any given time, I will do my best to help you find a quality breeder if you do not want to wait for my next litter. I stress quality... anyone can breed, it takes a quality pair of Shih-Tzu's to produce quality Shih-Tzu puppies. Please, keep that in mind!

We feed our dogs only the best food.  They are never kenneled and have full run of our home. Our babies are never treated like a "pet"... after all, they are part of our family. As for their medical history, we leave that to the best vet on the planet. Dr. Jay Waite, of Cornerstone Animal Hospital (256-971-0411). Dr. J  is more than just a vet to our family, he's a friend! We have never met a more compassionate, loving person. We feel honored having him take care of our little babies. If you live near the Huntsville area, please, give him a try. I'll guarantee you'll never go anywhere else once you have.

One more thing... and it's a biggie. I NEVER want my babies kept in a kennel or at a vet for vacations, emergencies, and whatever else comes up. When you purchase a puppy from me, we will babysit for the life of the dog free of charge. All you will need to do is let me know that they are coming and bring enough food for how ever long they are staying. I will do the rest... and your baby will never see the inside of a cage. They will run and play with all of the other furballs running around our home. After all, they deserve THE VERY BEST.

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Nursery 1

Marlee at three months old, isn't she simply awesome. She is still a ham for the camera.
Starr, looking stunning at three months old. She is a real looker!
Deion is really the sweetest dog I have ever seen. He is strong, fluffy, and a bundle of joy. His loyalty as well as his gentleness is enough to melt your heart!
       Autumn, looking the part...
"Of an Angel ".
Some people ask me, why I do this.

Need I say more???
The girls (from left to right: Starr, Darla, Cocoa Pebbles, Marlee, Lexi, and Ciara) are soaking in some rays, and relaxing on the swing.
In case you don't see the puppy sleeping in the sitting position between Marlee's neck and body... Romo is sound asleep. We did not put him in that position... we just found the lil guy snoozing that way. So we had to have this picture.

It is my favorite!!!